Victor M. Selby
Author Bio

Vic Selby is a lecturer and consultant in mathematics education for Tesseract Productions in Boulder, Colorado and one of the founding members of THE STEM TEAM, dedicated to providing a powerful in-service experience for math/science teachers. Armed with a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado and graduate work in Mathematics from San Jose State University, he dedicated his 30-year teaching career at Carmel High School to the integration of math and science in all of his math classes. These efforts led to his being the youngest nominee for the Allen Griffin Excellence in Teaching award in 1973. After receiving a M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University, he continued to create curriculum and accelerated courses such as Foundations of Geometry and Ascent of Man Algebra 2. He was selected to participate in the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado in 2001.
His article, Storytelling Adds Meaning, was recently published in Mathematics Teacher, Vol. 102, #8, April 2009. He spoke at the 2008 Asilomar Math Conference on "Math As the Language of Science: A Curriculum for Algebra 1", presented "The Lost Content: Geometry and Algebra 2 as Cultural Levers" at the 2009 conference, in 2010 presented "Game Theory: Building a Universal Conceptual Model", and in 2011 talked on STEM Power: From Pythagoras to Special Relativity and Beyond (Handouts from all four sessions are available by request.).
He currently lives in Pacific Grove Ca., with his wife and dance partner, Shayna. He coordinates community jam sessions as fund- raisers for the P.G. Art Center, publishes the Hootenanny Newsletter, and tutors at-risk students. He can be reached at